Goetz Sofa

Product Story

The traditional sofa is a wooden frame covered with padding and upholstery.

Designer Mark Goetz turned that tradition inside out, wrapping his sofa in a striking molded wood veneer shell to create both a structural frame and a dramatic profile.

Crisp, clean lines and ergonomic support—an instant Herman Miller classic.

Beauty in the Details

To achieve the right look for the wood veneer shell, an intricate miter is incorporated at every corner, allowing the molded veneer to wrap completely around the sides and back.

There is only one seam on the entire shell.

Ergonomic Comfort

Understanding that people don't just perch on the edge of sofa seat cushions, designer Mark Goetz made sure that his sofa would be comfortable, no matter what position you were in.

Thick cushions and a balanced seat depth—shallow enough to give correct support while sitting upright; deep enough to provide enough room for napping—provide both correct ergonomic support and comfort.

Enduring Quality

The sofa is not only beautiful—it has been designed to retain its beauty.

A durable finish protects the veneer shell for long use and easy maintenance. The cushion covers are zippered, so they can be removed easily for cleaning.

Design Story

Molded plywood carries an immediate association with classic Herman Miller designs, and Mark Goetz skillfully and creatively incorporates this material in his sofa design. By using common materials and processes in innovative ways, Goetz achieved a clean-lined, modern aesthetic.

As for the element of comfort, so important in a sofa, Goetz conducted his own research and consulted with other experts to arrive at a seat depth that provides ergonomic sitting support as well as room to lie down.